Our Foundation

The Crookston Youth Foundation intends on providing a network of services for our Crookston area youth that will provide assistance in developing a successful life trajectory. 

Discussion around this concept began in March of 2017 among a group of community leaders and interested community members. The initiative continues to engage a growing group of people with the passion to make a difference in the lives and future of our youth. Take time to look around around, learn about our mission and goals, and reach out. 

Our mission is to engage all sectors of the Crookston area in encouraging youth to thrive socially and economically and fulfill their potential as contributing members of the community. We intend to accomplish our mission by doing the following:

Our Goals


Safe & Substance Free

Establish a safe, substance-free environment for students to congregate and interact outside of school.

Social Activities & Education

Provide healthy social and educational activities that will utilize student's free time.

Career Skills

Aid in the development of career skills to better prepare students for future educational opportunities and careers, including blue-collar trades and careers for non-college students.

Life Skills

Learn general life skills such as educational planning, banking, financial planning, insurance needs, tips on major purchases such as homes, cars, & skilled trade equipment.

Build A Network

Build a network of community businesses professionals and skilled trade and service organization leaders to introduce interested students to careers, offer on-the-job training or apprenticeships, and to facilitate access to local service providers.

Skill Development

Provide additional student skill development in teamwork, assuming responsibility, accountability, public speaking, organizing, planning, & decision-making through various volunteer activities.

Current Projects

Youth Center Programming & Developmental Activities


We envision youth using a facility to interact, socialize, learn, network, and better prepare themselves for adult life. All programming and amenities will be free to our youth. The Cove youth center will be a safe environment free of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, gangs, and violence. Targeted age groups will be, but not necessarily limited to, 9th - 12th grades. 

Youth Board of Directors


We are forming a board of youth to work alongside the managing board. This group's role will be to provide significant input into programming and facilities and help shape activities and services provided by the Foundation as well as help with development and design of the center.

The Seed


We have developed operational goals, a business plan, and are working on budget development and sustainability plans. We are building a long-term capital development plan for our non-profit organization to finance facilities and operations. We are also developing a process to recruit, train, and engage volunteers to bring the program to life.

Next Steps

Donations of time, expertise, materials, and equipment are all needed to make the facilities and programs successful. If you are an area business, organization, or individuals willing to get involved, please get in touch. 

Any person or organization that wishes to assist us or help in anyway can contact Don Rasicot at contact@crookstonyouthfoundation.org

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